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Price & Stock

Due to frequent changes in market price and inventory, our website may cannot be updated promptly, please feel free to contact us for free quote before order. We may cancel your order if parts out of stock or market price change.

Get I get wholesale price?

Yes, please contact us for free quote or send your BOM to us.

How to order?

Please contact us for free quote before order, or send your BOM to us for quote.

How to pay?

Note: we do not accept any delayed payment or net term currently Our Terms of Payment is 100% Prepaid.

Currently, we only accept the below payment methods:

1. Paypal

2. Credit Card

3. Wire transfer

4. SDDIC advance payment

What is the SDDIC advance payment?

SDDIC advance payment is a new feature launched by SDDIC which is a new payment method for registered users.

First, a registered user need to prepay an amount to SDDIC. Temporarily only wire transfer is supported for an advance payment.

Then to submit an application with the transaction information in your SDDIC account center after you remitted. SDDIC will release the amount to your advance payment balance once we confirm the money.

The integral process is as below.

1. Contact us to get the transfer bank info

2. Prepay an amount via wire transfer

3. Submit the remittance info in your SDDIC account center

4. SDDIC release the amount to your balance

5. Use balance to purchase orders

If your balance is less than the order total, it won't be available for paying. You need to prepay a new amount then.


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