Logic ICs

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Showing 25 - 48 of 13061 products
Analog Devices LTC1482CN8
Texas Instruments SN74HCT245DW
Texas Instruments SN74BCT756DW
Maxim Integrated MAX487ESA+
Texas Instruments SN75471P
STMicroelectronics L6362A
Texas Instruments SN75462PG4
Texas Instruments SN75454BPG4
Nexperia 74HCT165PW,112
Nexperia 74HCT164D,652
Nexperia 74HC194DB,118
Nexperia 74HC194DB,112
Nexperia 74HC166PW,118
Nexperia 74HC194D,652
Nexperia 74HC166PW,112
Nexperia 74HC165PW-Q100,118
Nexperia 74HC164D-Q100J
Nexperia 74HC165D-Q100,118
Nexperia 74HC165DB,118
Nexperia 74HCT164DB,112
Nexperia 74HCT164PW-Q100J
Nexperia 74HCT164D,653
Nexperia 74HC595D-Q100,118

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